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Cumulus does not directly support languages other than English, however the user community has converted the core web template files into a number of languages, listed below.


  • All the text in the web files have been translated.
  • The Cumulus Realtime plug-in is currently only available in English
  • Some Cumulus generated phrases are not adjustable -- The month names, moon phase and the forecast for example.

How was it done

There are six files that need to be translated to the new language.

  • indexT.htm
  • todayT.htm
  • yesterdayT.htm
  • recordT.htm
  • gaugesT.htm
  • trendsT.htm

The first five are simply a substitution of the English phrase for the new language.

'trendsT.htm' required more thought as the majority of the page contains graphs generated by Cumulus in English. User 'beteljuice' was able to write some excellent Javascript which over-prints the English tags with the alternative. Full details are held within the 'trendsT.htm' included in any one of the language sets below.


If you are able to help in the translation, this is a relatively simple process. Please contact Daj if you would like to offer your services.