Version 3.0.0

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Beta Release Date: 2 January 2015 (build 3000)
Latest Beta Update: 17 August 2016 (build 3041)
If you are intending to upgrade to this release, please read all of the release notes since the build you are currently running.

Release History

January 2, 2015 (b3000)
January 4, 2015 (b3001)
January 5, 2015 (b3002)
January 6, 2015 (b3003)
January 7, 2015 (b3004)
January 8, 2015 (b3005)
January 10, 2015 (b3006)
January 12, 2015 (b3007)
January 14, 2015 (b3008)
January 16, 2015 (b3009)
January 18, 2015 (b3010)
January 20, 2015 (b3011)
January 22, 2015 (b3012)
January 24, 2015 (b3013)
January 25, 2015 (b3014)
January 26, 2015 (b3015)
January 27, 2015 (b3016)
January 30, 2015 (b3017)
January 31, 2015 (b3018)
February 9, 2015 (b3019)
February 17, 2015 (b3020)
March 4, 2015 (b3021)
March 24, 2015 (b3022)
April 7, 2015 (b3023)
April 12, 2015 (b3024)
May 22, 2015 (b3025)
July 26, 2015 (b3026)
August 4, 2015 (b3027)
August 6, 2015 (b3028)
September 3, 2015 (b3029)
September 6, 2015 (b3030)
September 21, 2015 (b3031)
November 1, 2015 (b3032)
November 22, 2015 (b3033)
November 23, 2015 (b3034)
December 2, 2015 (b3035)
December 14, 2015 (b3036)
February 24, 2016 (b3037)
March 13, 2016 (b3038)
July 18, 2016 (b3039)
July 29, 2016 (b3040)
August 17, 2016 (b3041)



Initial Beta release. See the announcement thread for details.


  • Fix: Crash if "ListWebTags=1" is set in Cumulus.ini
  • Fix: Some of the screens having no data on them


  • Fix: Serial port stations don't work on Linux or OS X - wrong device name
  • Fix: Logging interval is always 5 minutes regardless of the setting
  • Fix: Some of the web site pages in the distribution are out of date
  • Fix: realtime.txt needs a newline at the end so some third party applications work
  • Fix: Using the <#txbattery> web tag with a channel parameter causes a 'token error'
  • Fix: NullReferenceException at start up when using WMR80/100 etc
  • Fix: 'Old' logger data gets re-logged with La Crosse stations
  • Fix: NullReferenceException at start up when using a strings.ini file
  • Fix: "Fine Offset with Solar" station type doesn't work


  • Fix: realtime.txt is always uploaded even if configured not to be
  • Fix: Exception when WMR928 sensor channel 3 data is received
  • Fix: Some third party projects need setting to turn off use of station data logger (for Davis)
  • Fix: Using 'short time format' rather than explicit "HH:mm" causes problems
  • Fix: Setting of <#newrecord> is inverted
  • Fix: <#timehhmmss> gives HHmmss and should be HH:mm:ss
  • Fix: The settings forms can cause corruption of items which were null, until the next restart
  • Fix: Using a twitter.txt file causes a NullReferenceException


  • Adds some diagnostic data tracing for La Crosse and WMR928
  • Corrects the structure of the webfiles directory
  • Fix: 'Enable realtime.txt FTP' always gets unset by the internet settings mechanism
  • Fix: realtime.txt has localised time formats rather than "HH:mm"
  • Fix: indexT and gaugesT have wrong gauges link; some CSS files in wrong place in webfiles


  • Fix: NullReferenceException starting timers when UseDataLogger=0 is used
  • Fix: <#day> should always be two digits
  • Fix: RTS handshake setting causes issues with Davis logger emulations
  • Fix: Only first 10 'extra files' get saved to Cumulus.ini
  • Fix: <#webcam> names its link 'forum'


  • Fix: <#month> <#hour> <#minute> should always be two digits
  • Fix: IsDaylight and IsSunUp are never set
  • Fix: Realtime external program doesn't fire
  • Fix: <#LastDataReadT> default format is not useful


  • The charts page (both in the UI and on the web page) work differently now to fix the units problem
  • The trendsT.htm file has changes
  • Fix: No data received from WMR100
  • Fix: Extra sensor log file entries don't have terminating newlines
  • Fix: <#MinutesSinceLastRainTip> doesn't include hours in calculation
  • Fix: Processing of non-UTF8 files doesn't always work (? appears in output)
  • Fix: Pressure not sent to CWOP if UseDavisLoop2 turned off
  • Fix: Fine Offset indoor temp always in Celsius


  • Fix: Wind chart shows wrong units and wrong value, if mph not in use (same for all charts, I think)
  • Fix: No data read from WMR928 on Raspberry Pi
  • Fix: Gauges show wrong units and scales
  • Fix: Uploads to PWS etc at 'odd' intervals (not a factor of 60) don't get processed
  • Fix: Year to date rain not being included
  • Fix: Wind chill incorrect for Fine Offset when using Fahrenheit


  • Note that the charts page (both in the UI and on the web page) works differently now to fix the problem where the chart may sometimes not load
  • Fix: Updating settings can sometimes change upload intervals somehow (e.g. 5mins -> 10mins), or stop them happening
  • Fix: Indoor temp offset not applied to Fine Offset live data
  • Fix: UV index on dashboard is always integer (Davis is float)
  • Fix: <#date> web tag is also giving the time
  • Fix: Charts sometimes fail to load
  • Fix: Writing today.ini for high/low can clash with log interval and stop data being read


  • Note that the 'any key' no longer terminates the program
  • Fix: Realtime and daily external program launching is currently broken
  • Fix: Needs to trap ctrl-c and window closing, to close cleanly
  • Fix: Not all 'out of range' values in Davis logger data are catered for
  • Fix: WMR100 rain figures wrong (station works in inches, not mm)


  • Improved the situation regarding non-English settings (e.g. decimal commas)
  • Fix: Heating/cooling degree days calculation incorrect
  • Fix: Temperature graph always has C for unit


  • Fixed a number of other issues which aren't specifically mentioned there
  • This build removes the licence checks and has no expiry date
  • Fix: Another issue with heating/cooling degree days - saved values don't get loaded from today.ini at startup
  • Fix: Issue with UTF8 setting for extra files not consistent on settings screen
  • Fix: Should check for 'not present' value for THSW index (Davis)
  • Fix: NOAA yearly report has heating deg days twice instead of heating and cooling deg days


  • Fixed a number of other issues which aren't specifically mentioned
  • Fix: Accented characters in month names cause issue with UI all-time records screen
  • Fix: Calibration settings don't work if system set to decimal commas


  • Fix: Heat and cool base on NOAA annual report not rounded
  • Fix: Log files before approx March 2013 won't load in data log viewer
  • Fix: Error "Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted" if port 843 is already in use


  • This build sets the console clock on Davis stations (at start up and at 0400) if you have 'synchronise station clock' selected
  • Fix: Accented characters in forecast strings (and elsewhere) don't display properly on web page
  • Fix: Dominant wind direction figures not reloaded from today.ini (calc may also be wrong)
  • Fix: Wind rose data is always 16 items long, even if set to 8 - causes wrong wind rose directions


  • New: Multiple connections to the user interface should now be possible
  • New: Now possible to override the default port for the websocket server, by passing a -wsport parameter to the program
  • Fix: Multiple browser connections to dashboard page don't work
  • Fix: Two copies can't be run on same machine because websockets port clashes
  • Fix: Longitude uses seconds from Latitude
  • Fix: <#presstrend> is empty for WMR928 stations
  • Fix: Duplicate log entries can occur at midnight - or no entry at all
  • Fix: There are issues with Twitter updates in build 3015 if you use a twitter.txt
  • Fix: Davis clock gets set multiple times - or not at all - at 0400


  • Should improve TCP/IP connections for Davis stations
  • The web site gauges are now at version 2.5.3
  • New: Now a separate option to upload the graph data files
  • Fix (Failed): TCP/IP data stops when using Virtual VP (and possibly other Davis TCP/IP connections?)


  • Allow longer for the Davis clock time to be received when using TCP/IP connections
  • Add extra logging to the diags file for data received from Davis stations
  • Fix: TCP/IP data stops when using Virtual VP (and possibly other Davis TCP/IP connections?)


  • The footers on the UI pages are now consistent and give the version and build number
  • New: Implements the following web tags (Davis only):
    • <#battery>
    • <#txbattery>
    • <#DavisTotalPacketsReceived>
    • <#DavisTotalPacketsMissed>
    • <#DavisNumberOfResynchs>
    • <#DavisMaxInARow>
    • <#DavisNumCRCerrors>
    • <#DavisFirmwareVersion>
  • Fix: Davis UV is 10x too high from logger data (error in Davis protocol spec)
  • Fix: This year's high monthly rain isn't read correctly from year.ini at startup, so gets reset to this month's figure


  • All of the places a Davis can return 255 for wind speed and negative rain rate are handled
  • Updates the SteelSeries gauges to version 2.5.5


  • New: The charts are now done using Highcharts
  • Fix: UV needs separate scale on UV/solar chart
  • Fix: Encoding not set for web tag processing for extra files
  • Fix: FTP uploads can go to wrong directory if there are connection issues
  • Fix: Sharing violation' on a .ini file (e.g. month.ini) when new high wind run se
  • Changed the structure of both the interface files and the web files


  • Includes an update to the Highstock (charts) package
  • The cumuluscharts.js from this build contains a fix for the problem which occurs when your web server sends the wrong content type for the graph data files
  • Added some more diagnostics
  • New: You can now control the output format of <#tomorrowdaylength> using an entry in strings.ini
  • Fix: 'Start of storm rain' value not read from loop data (Davis only)
  • Fix: Davis UV graph is in integers if you use decimal commas
  • Fix: Doesn't check for out of range Lux figures (Fine Offset)
  • Fix: Wind chill in realtime.txt has decimal format for wind rather than temperature
  • Fix: Davis 'storm rain' is wrong for metric gauges (error in Davis protocol spec)
  • Fix: Davis '10-min gust' value in LOOP2 packet is not a 10-min gust on VP2 (bug in Davis ISS firmware)


  • Fixes a few issues and adds daily graphs for rainfall, min/max/average temperature, and sunshine hours
  • Fix: Problem with setting/unsetting 'send solar' in Wunderground and PWS Weather settings
  • Fix: Should check that a WU update isn't already in progress before starting a new one


  • Fix: Low Max temp this month and this year have wrong timestamp
  • Fix: Davis extra temps and DPs give invalid values when sensor not present
  • Fix: Moon phases are wrong
  • Fix: Problem with 'wake console' code on Davis TCP/IP connections


  • New: Debug logging, diagnostic data logging, and ftp logging can now be set in the UI
  • New: Davis archive data is now downloaded twice, in case first download took a long time and later entries have since been logged
  • New: Davis stats are now read every 15 minutes (approx
  • New: Reading of Davis reception stats is now optional and off by default
  • New: Make sure dayfile.txt entry is always logged to diags in case of problems writing file
  • New: 'Stop second instance' option now implemented
  • New: Graph periods can now be configured
  • New: Cumulus MX can now update a MySQL database. There are six options - the first three are for realtime.txt data, monthly logfile data, and dayfile.txt data
  • New: Cumulus MX now offers custom HTTP uploads - rather like the way that Weather Underground is updated, but you specify a custom HTTP URL
  • Fix: <#tomorrowdaylength> calculation is wrong
  • Fix: High min temp date is wrong
  • Fix: Monthly alltime record broken on 1st of month before 0900/1000 gets assigned to wrong month, if using 0900/1000 rollover
  • Fix: Easyweather.dat input not working
  • Fix: Stops working after WMR88/100 UV packet received
  • Improved checking for invalid Davis loop packets, and resynchronisation should be quicker
  • Changed Fine Offset 'synchronise reads' code to avoid problems
  • Improved console messages at start up to indicate whether station has been connected successfully


  • Fix: Crashes at startup if sun is always up (or down). There are other related issues with things like daylight length at higher latitudes
  • Fix: Sunshine hours on daily graphs sometimes shows previous day's figure
  • Fix: No data read from WM918 on Raspberry Pi - same as earlier problem with WMR928, deficiency in Mono, need to rewrite code to work around
  • Fix: Davis wind chill is always degrees C if logger data is being used
  • Fix: Communication issues with Davis IP loggers
  • Fix: Rounding issues with Beaufort calculations


  • Fix: Use of 'periodic disconnect' for Davis IP connections causes crash
  • Fix: Twitter stops working on some systems
  • Fix: Data reading thread with Davis serial/USB stations can crash if invalid data received (bug introduced in 3026)


  • Fix: Data reading thread with Davis serial/USB stations can crash if invalid data received (bug introduced in 3026)
  • Fix: 'Recent data' missing if duplicate timestamps in log files


  • New: Changed the code which writes the today.ini file so that the timestamp (the date/time that data was last logged) is written in ISO 8601 format yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss
  • Fix: Davis 'periodic disconnect' still has problems, on Windows only
  • Fix: Spurious small 'rain last hour' etc when multiplier used
  • Fix: Exceptions can occur when enabling or disabling FTP logging dynamically
  • Fix: WMR928TempChannel setting doesn't also do humidity


  • Fix: A fix to the 'dp' code for latitude and longitude in 3029 has stopped it working


  • Fix: Graph data loaded from logs at start up is always for last 24 hours rather than configured period
  • Fix: Rain in last 24 hours is actually for configured graph period
  • Fix: A zero in location seconds field can sometimes cause problems
  • Fix: Davis reception stats are still read every couple of minutes rather than every 15 minutes


  • New: Direct uploading to Awekas
  • New: Direct uploading to WeatherCloud
  • New: An editor for today's rainfall total
  • New: The data for the 'dashboard', 'now', and 'gauges' pages which was previously only available via a websockets connection is now also available by Ajax (i.e. via an http 'get')
  • Fix: Checksum validation for Instromet is wrong, so all data is rejected
  • Fix: Dominant wind direction is wrong when Davis logger data is used (i.e. when catching up)


  • There seems to be an issue with this build with reading some timestamps from ini files (alltime.ini etc)
  • Fix: Easyweather.dat reading interval is an integer, should be a float as in Cumulus 1
  • Fix: All-time and monthly all-time gust don't always get updated on Davis stations if figure from LOOP2 is used
  • Fix: Crash while parsing data from Instromet station
  • Fix: External program shouldn't run until all pages processed


  • Fix: Issue with build 3033 with reading some timestamps from ini files


  • New: The temperature chart now includes heat index
  • New: Added some more debug logging for Instromet stations and tweaked the code
  • New: Archives the month.ini and year.ini file at the end of the month/year as monthYYYYMM.ini and yearYYYY.ini
  • Fix: Default file encoding on Mono is UTF-8 rather than ANSI, so unsetting UTF-8 options have no effect
  • Fix: NOAA files with UTF-8 option shouldn't use BOM
  • Fix: Cloudbase unit not supplied to UI gauges
  • Fix: Auto ftp of NOAA reports can happen before reports are complete


  • New: Added a samplestrings.ini file
  • Fix: Doesn't pre-load graph data etc from log files for 'Easyweather.dat' input
  • Fix: NOAA files without UTF-8 selected should use ISO-8859-1 not ASCI
  • Fix: Problems with parsing Instromet responses due to Unix newlines


  • Moved the generation of the JSON graph data files to the web folder
  • Fix: Date in Instromet logger entries incorrectly parsed
  • Fix: Davis Leaf Wetness values are not read correctly
  • Fix: Processing of Davis archive data can stop after day rollover
  • Fix: Web files without UTF-8 selected should use ISO-8859-1 not ASCII (causes 'odd' characters to appear)
  • Fix: End of month/year copies of month.ini and year.ini are incorrectly named if 0900 start of day in use
  • Fix: Dayfile.txt viewer can display an error message if dayfile.txt from Cumulus 1 is used
  • Fix: CWOP temperature incorrectly formatted when below 0F - causes CWOP to read as zero


  • Fix: Another problem with date parsing in Instromet logger entries
  • Fix: Monthly rain record may get logged at start of month using previous month's total
  • Fix: Web updates don't work at intervals that aren't factors of 60
  • Fix: Max and min comparison totals wrong on NOAA annual report


  • New: Supports new Instromet loggers which run at 19200 baud. This is now the default baud rate
  • Fix: Instromet logger interval gets set to seconds rather than minutes


  • Fix: Fixes some issues with Instromet archive download
  • Fix: (hopefully) 'last rain tip' time for Instromet stations


  • New: Support for FTP over SSL/TLS (FTPS)
  • New: Adds RainLast24Hour to data available to Dashboard
  • Fix: Problem where data input stops on WMR200
  • Fix: Graph label colour for sub-zero when Fahrenheit in use

3042 (Not yet released)

  • Fix: Should calculate rain rate for Instromet stations
  • Fix: RainLast24Hour in dashboard data is always zero
  • Fix: The one second read timeout introduced in 3041 for Davis stations is not long enough for Weatherduino - needs to be configurable
  • Fix: Doesn't use configured FTP port