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Name: CumulusRealtime
Type: HTML & Silverlight
Author: Steve
Contact: 'steve' via the forum
Last update: 05 Sept 2009

CumulusRealtime is an addon to Cumulus that displays your weather information in near realtime, in a graphical format. An example is available here....


  • The viewer/visitor to your site must have Microsoft Silverlight version 3.0 viewer installed on their computer. If they do not, they are given a link to install it.
  • Cumulus must be uploading realtime.txt to your webserver at regular intervals (typically every 15 seconds)


  • Download Silverlight from the Sandaysoft website by clicking here
  • Unzip the files onto your computer -- five files will be extracted : changes.txt, readme.txt, CumulusRealtime.html, CumulusRealtime.xap, CumulusRealtime.xml
  • In a text editor open CumulusRealtime.xml
  • locate <realtimeURL> and edit the example and replace with with your web address and the location of your realtime.txt
  • Edit the <sitename> section and enter your own details
  • Edit the <interval> and set this to the same number of second you upload realtime.txt
  • Save the file
  • Upload the following files to your web server -- CumulusRealtime.html, CumulusRealtime.xap, CumulusRealtime.xml. They can be in the same folder as the Cumulus standard webfiles, or in a subfolder.

Running CumulusRealtime

Using a web browser, type the URL to the location you have uploaded CumulusRealtime.html. Example:

After a few seconds, the page will load, a message will appear saying "Loading Data" then the gauges will populate with live data. The screen will update every few seconds with new data (assuming the weather readings change!)

Possible problems

  • You receive an error when visiting your web page -- usually a Not Found, or 404 error.
Web servers are usually case sensitive with the part of the address after the / -- note the uppercase R in CumulusRealtime.html
  • The screen sticks on 'Loading Data'.
Try turning on the error console in your browser and refreshing the page. There may be an error message. The error message may seem complicated, but with a little study it is usually possible to work out what is going wrong.
You have put the wrong location in <realtimeURL> -- see above. To test your location of the realtime.txt file, try using a web browser ... So in our example, <realtimeURL> is set to /weather/realtime.txt so surf to and you should see a long string of data. If you do not, your location is wrong so check where you are uploading your realtime.txt
If your realtime.txt is held outwith the web server folder structure, see this post on the forum--


CumulusRealtime sits as an independent module outwith the standard Cumulus web templates. Your users would only know to visit the page if you told them of the address. Alternatively you could customise the standard templates to include a link to CumulusRealtime.html